Gibbet Hill 10k Wednesdays Marshal Information.

All marshals please confirm by email to that you have received and read this email.

Meet at 6.15pm on Lion Green /finish Point for briefing.


1 Julia (chief Marshall). Top Weydown road (left turn then immediate right onto drive)

2  Rachael.                       Whispers Drive direct onto path.

3   Charlie B                       end of path (right turn onto Keffolds lane)

4. Carion                          Bridle junction after Richmond farm

5.  Annick.                        Under trees path junction (direct runners onto 2nd path)

6. Adrian & Tracy T.         Sharp right at end of turn 

7. Andy W.                         Metal barrier at end of descent

8. Clare Wadey.                 Greensand Way Junction (right turn to Gibbit)

9. Katie.                             Gibbit trig point (direct to right of Celtic cross path)

10. Tania & Nick.               Bottom of track by the barrier (left turn onto BOAT road.

11. Jules and kids.             Water station (r turn to punch bowl view)

12. Thieka.                          Punch bowl view point

13  Sal G                              Corner (left turn past Barons and cafe)

14. Nicola B.                         Hold gate open ( direct straight along stones path

14a. Rhiannon.                     Half way along stones path.

15. Sarah P.                          Descent at top of Polecat

16. Amanda.                         Direct straight to next Marshall

17. Michelle Webb.               3 way junction above Farnham lane direct across 2nd path

18. Steve.                             Kissing Gate top of Farnham lane.

19. Penny.                           Half way down Farnham lane

20. Caroline S.                   Weyspring turn in

21.  Sandy/Steve                         Weyspring turn onto Lion green


For those who have not marshalled before you will be led to your position by either Andy W or Amanda M.

Those at the very start have a second role at either a finish area or a late Marshall point, please go promptly to your second position.


Back marker.                      Seamus

Cakes/refreshments & dog biscuits and water.     Jackie and Kathleen

Crouch/Jonethan  Marshall point 2 then to finish area and assist with medals.

Caroline S. To assist with baggage at start then to Marshall point

On day entries, Finish times & Data Maggie, Rae, Lesley, Paul, Jo, Gavin ,Nu


Team Deborah Lead Little Barnett


1. Suzie

2.Steve K

3 Sarah



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