Garmin 620 and heart rate monitors for sale.

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Hi all you running types. I was about to put on eBay a couple of things but if it's of interest I'd rather sell to one of you guys.. I have a pristine Garmin Forerunner 620 With heart rate monitor (that's the soft chest strap) which I used in the spring when I was doing some distance conditioning and 250m repetitions (it does automatic laps of anything down to 250).
I also have a mio link and a mio fuse wrist heart rate monitor that can broadcast on ant+ and Bluetooth which i was using instead of the chest strap as it's easier to put on on the train!

The fuse is a heart rate/ fitness tracker without the Garmin and has its own display of heart rate, time, steps etc.
The link is just a heart rate monitor and has an led light which changes colour depending on which zone you are in.
It's the smaller strap but still fits me.

Let me know on if you're interested. Can send photos.

Reviews: sync-myfitnesspal-support.html

Selling the Garmin for £100, the fuse for £40 and the link for £30.

All boxed, instructions etc etc in outstanding condition.