London marathon club places

It's that time of year again when people are finding out if they have got into London marathon or not, please don't throw your rejection letter away or email if you would like a club place, as you will need this to have a chance of getting one of the club places which I believe there are two of.

In the past the places have been decided by the coaches and this hasn't always been agreed with by everyone.
So this is your chance to come up with another way of deciding the places, all ideas are welcome and will be considered even my one of blindfolding the person spinning them round and see who can get the red nose closest to the reindeer.
Please come up with some ideas and let me know.



Starting this Thursday September 21st and meeting at Grayshott shoppers car park at 7pm will be the start of the monthly 5k TT this proved popular last winter so do please come along.
we will continue to use the track at woolmer hill on Tuesdays right up to December weather permitting.
The first Thursday of the month up to December will be hills of Haslemere meeting at Tesco's at 7pm
The last Thursday of the month will be the 5kTT meeting at Grayshott
All other Thursday's we will meet at Grayshott where Sarah and Daniel will have some sessions for all the different paced groups, these will be a mix of reps at Kingswood firs, run outs or tempo style runs until January, when Marathon training will once again be the main focus for many athletes.
Any Questions feel free to ask
The Coaching Team


As of this week Thursday training sessions will no longer be at the track, which means winter is coming  we will meet at Grayshott shoppers car park next to the fox and pelican.

For the next few weeks, we aim to make use of the fading light at Ludshott, this week will be a run out in different groups.
Tuesday's will still be at the track until further notice, although we won't have the lanes.

The coaching Team

Wednesday mornings session

Just a reminder about Wednesday's morning session starting at 10am at the track, this is a speed session for those that would like one.

please look for Tom or Sarah on arrival and these sessions are open to all.

why not come along and bring the kids and let them play on the field if they are bigger enough to look after themselves.

The Coaching Team


FYI Gibbet recce

Next Tuesday the 27th June will see the first of 2 Gibbet recce's, there will be 2 start times one starting at 6:30 pm for those that would like to run the course but would like more time, this will be led by Tom so please look for Sarah or Tom on arrival, the rest of us will meet at 7 pm, so please look for Andy or Clair who will organise the different groups according to pace, please meet at st Christophers green at the top of weyhill at 7 pm for a prompt start.
If you don't want to recce the course Sarah will be at the track for a track session at the normal time of 7 pm so your all welcome to join Sarah for this.
I hope to be there at some point during the evening so will see you either on the recce or the end.
The Coaching Team