Photos needed for the New HBAC website.

As you may know, some of us are working on a little overhaul to the HBAC website and we need some new, professional looking images showcasing our local area and our members in action. If anyone has any, we'd love to use them! I'm after hi-res, professional quality pictures, they must be out of copyright (e.g you must have purchased the images if you're not the photographer), not watermarked and preferably in club vests.

Please send them on to


Big Half Marathon 2018.

Big Half transport idea...... Just a quick note regards the Big half next year - Cairon here.... I have received a quote from AMK for a 22 seat and 40 seat coach for a 6.30 ish leave from Haslemere on the big day in March to get us to London for 8am. I calculate it to be circa £20-22 a person one way - we'd get train back. This is cheaper than people hotel staying and a laugh. I need numbers so if anyone knows how many have entered the big half let me know - I am happy to book the coach but want to get my cash back of course. I currently have nearly 20 people on the list.

Contact me via email if you want to be added to the list.

Get up and Run Course 2018

Haslemere Border AC are starting the annual Get up and Run course on January 30th 2018.
This course is aimed at people who have never run before or starting again after a break, at the end of the 12 weeks you will be able to complete a 5k parkrun.  
Come and join our friendly group, we will meet on Saturday morning at 9am at the Devils Punchbowl car park and on Tuesday evenings at 7pm in Grayshott.
The cost of the 12 week course is £45
For further information or to register contact

The HBAC Website …….

Is in need of some new ideas and development.

During the AGM it was agreed the website needs to be brought into the 21st century. Since then we have had a number of ideas and unfortunately due to various commitments progress has once again slowed down.

The committee recently gave approval for a web design tool that Cairon managed to create a simple demo with.

What the club needs is a small team of contributors to create a site from scratch using input from creative minds.

Once the site is up and running it would probably require a couple of hours each month to add updates on things like club events, timetables, socials etc.

If this would be of interest please contact Jon Fairs ( who will co-ordinate the effort.

Many thanks for reading. 


Lucy’s Psychology Project

Hi HBAC seniors,


I have been a member of the club for 4 years and have been helping out with the junior session for about 18 months. I am currently studying at Godalming College and am about to undertake an EPQ (extended project qualification) in Psychology. My research is about whether mood has an impact on running speed, and I thought the best participants to use would be the HBAC seniors!


I will be running my experiment tonight (Tuesday 5th September) during your normal session. Taking part is completely voluntary, and if anyone doesn’t want to participate that is absolutely fine, but the more the merrier. As well as this, the data I collect from you will remain completely anonymous, however I will require names just to relate your mood score with your running time.


All you will need to do is fill out a simple ‘mood sheet’ that I have created, and then run the 1 mile time trial.


I will be grateful to everyone who chooses to take part, thank you in advance!

See you later,