Southern Cross Country League Race 2 – 13th November

Cross Country Race 2!! ‍♀️
When: Sunday 13 November
Where: Queen Elizabeth Country Park Postcode: PO8OQE
Time: 11am start
Race fees: £0 but you will need £1.50 for the car park and £1.50 for tea and cake
Dress Code:
You need a HBAC vest to run please let your XC team captain Sofia or myself know if you need to borrow one!

All HBAC members please come down to represent the club, every finishers place makes a big difference, can we get 50 HBAC runners for this next race!!!

Any questions please contact Sofia Shearring or I

More details to come on car share with a woolmer hill meet!!

Lift needed for Bognor 10k.

Hi Folks,

Writing this on behalf of Sarah and Deborah. Sarah is going to be guiding Deborah this weekend.

Can someone going to the race please take Deborah to Bognor and back again. Lorraine or I would have done the honours, but we are away this weekend.

Sarah will be at Bognor ready to meet Deborah.

Bob is unable to go this year but has offered to get Deborah to the pick up point. I see that WH is going to be busy... so can you let us know if you have a space in your car please and let Bob know where to drop Deborah ??


Headley Fun Run

Hi Folks,

Really great event this. On our doorstep. This Monday at 10am.

5 Miles of trails and paths and a bit of an uphill road... but nothing compared to the Punchbowl ;o)

There is also a shorter run for U14s that will suit our junior members.

Patsy I know is going, probably Bob, and there is a chance I might wear my HBAC vest for the first time since August last year... so you don't want to miss that !!

Headley Fun Run.

After the run we can go and see Bob and co at the Charter Fair in the Afternoon.