Alice Holt parkrun photos

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Hi Folks,

Here are some of the photos taken at Alice Holt a few weeks back. Sorry for the delay... Rich gave me another option to create the album via FB.

Sorry for anyone I missed. I had a lot of blurred photos... First place Lawrence in particular was too fast.. ;o)

I have lots of reading and practicing to do.


Get up and Run 2016 – starting in January.

HBAC's Leader In Running Fitness, Amanda Marden along with other LIRFs and coaches, will be hosting the clubs next course, starting on Saturday January 16th at the Devils Punchbowl.

There has already been a lot of interest. So please spread the word, and see if anyone has a new years resolution that will be met with this new course.

The cost of the course will be £20 and further details are available from Amanda.


Hogs Back 2015

Ladies and Gents.

Many congratulations. Just been looking at the results from yesterday in detail.

Plenty of prizes taken as well. This is a big deal... Hogs Back has always been a popular, tough and quality event.

Wow wow and wow.... hope to read a nice report and photos soon??

Keep up the great work.


Big shout out to the playing fields and lampposts training groups

Well run tonight folks. Really enjoyed watching you all work really hard round the football pitch.

Just noticed Amanda was right... I misread the training calendar thinking it was 3 X 7mins... not 7 X 3 mins... but hey ho... you all did really well, we can save the 7 X 3 mins for another day ;o).

Hope the lamppost session training group enjoyed their session as well.

Keep up the great work everyone.

DB, AW, Amanda and Dan.