Grand Prix 16/17

Hi All

It is nearly time to launch the third HBAC Grand Prix.

I would expect the races selected to largely follow last year’s selection (of course including the XCs).

If you have any specific requests for races to be added please do let me know via email (in the next week or so please) and we’ll see if it makes sense to swap any in/out…I am though sure our decisions won’t please everyone!

As a reminder the objectives are;

  • 1. A small enough number of races to concentrate our attendance and challenge for team prizes/critical mass
  • 2. A focus on standard distance road races which are flat and fast to try and encourage as many people to improve their PBs

Remember this doesn’t stop us targeting other races as a club as we did in numerous races last year.

As usual the GP will run from 1st October to 30th April.


South Downs Relay Marathon (not the south downs relay which is another event!)

Hi Everyone

I spoke to a few people about getting a team together for the South Downs Relay Marathon (not to be confused with the South Downs Relay), it is on June 18 (see here ).

It'd be great to get lots of HBAC teams out for this, it's 4 people and £68 per team. Each runner runs roughly a quarter of the distance and as a team you'd need to have a car and a good navigator to get to the relay handover points before the runner you just dropped gets there (if you don't you'll have an angry runner to deal with).

I suggest creating your own teams but if anyone is interested and needs joining up with a team feel free to email me and i'll try and make up some teams.

Running the full marathon is also an option (I think at least Andy is doing this already), unless i find 3 willing runners that's what i will be doing but i am hopeful we'll get a few teams out.

Email me if you are interested, make your own teams if you want and let me know when you have entered....and fyi if you sort it on facebook that's fine but i won't see it as am not on it, i do accept letters in the post though.





2015/16 GP get your entries in…

So 2016 is here....the club GP has 83 people having scored points so far and 2 dedicated runners who have hit the magic '6' completed qualifying races.

There are easy points to be had this weekend with free entry, no requirement to drink a pint half way round, and only 3 miles to run at the Alice Holt Parkrun....don't forget your barcode, if you're not on the results, no points.

Then finally, the usual spring road races are now filling up fast with many closed for entries, so it's time to plan your racing this spring.

Happy New Year and happy running!

GP rule update…

Hi All - for this year's GP we have tweaked the PB rule. It felt a bit harsh to only award PB bonus points based on lifetime PBs since for some of us these were a long time ago!!

See this update to the website below...

* For the 2015/2016 Grand Prix a 'PB' is your fastest time over the given distance in the last 3 calendar years, so from 1 Jan 2013. It's your responsibility to email the GP co-ordinator if you qualify.

Grand Prix 2015/16

The Grand Prix for 2015/16 is only a month away from starting, so have a look at the website and start planning your races...some of the Autumn races will fill up very fast.

We hope to see as many people as possible at as many of the races as possible, remember this year '6' is the magic number for races completed to finish the series.