5k race North chapel Saturday 3rd October


I live in Northchapel (a small village 5 miles south of Haslemere) and my friend Ruth is organising the village’s first 5k race taking place on Saturday, October 3rd at 11am starting from the village green. The race is to raise money for the village school. We’re hoping to make this an annual event so wanted to spread the word.

I was a member of Haslemere Border Athletic club at one time and have run the Gibbett Hill race a couple of times (great race but not if you’re trying to get a PB!). We would be very grateful if you could get the word out among your club membership. Ruth has created a website (link: http://www.northchapel5k.co.uk) – a bit cheeky but we’d be very grateful if you could put a mention on your club website and include the link.

James Corbett

Wanted man with Van (+Drill)

The Garage is in need of a little TLC.  We are therefore looking for a able body "handyman" who would be able to put up shelving fix guttering, etc...  If you know such a person can you let either Bob or Jules know. Thank you....

We would be prepared to pay for this work!

Bolt for Bolty 5 – Friday 19th June

We have had a request from Louise Simpson wondering if anyone is available and willing to guide her on the Bolt for Bolty this coming Friday.  She is an experienced blind runner would expect to complete this course in around 50 minutes.  Please let me know and I can send you her email address.  Thanks Jules

Parkrun – Big Thank you!!

Thank you so much to all the helpers at today's Parkrun!!!  Dave, Paul, Lisa, Rupert, Julia, Rachel, Chloe, Lawrence, Annik, Phil, Jane, Sara, Caroline and Sarah!!!  Plus our photographer Rich!

Thank you to those who brought cakes!

Well done to all the runners and family members who came to support!