Success for HBAC Ladies Team

Once again the HBAC Ladies were in fine form last Saturday, 17th September at the Alice Holt 10K event hosted by Farnham Runners.

The ladies were keen to defend their title having won this event last year. Sally Goble, Sofia Shearring, Donna Read and Lucy Pennant were the top scorers coming in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 159th respectively earning them enough points to secure the win. This was 16 year old Lucy's second only 10K race and she found herself under pressure even before the start as she was instructed by the other ladies to run as fast as she could in order to help win the team prize. In gratitude Lucy's grand effort was applauded loudly by the club as she stormed over the finish line having given it her all. What a star!

Individual age group prizes also went to Sally, Sofia and Donna in their respective categories. Lucy's Mum Sara Pennant also ran coming in a commendable 204th.

In the Men's race Club star Luke Shearring secured 2nd place winning him a prize. Next in was Graham McDougall 42nd, Paul Fleming 80th and David Bateman 131st.

Big Well Done to all!!

Report for the Paper

Learning of some fabulous results from last weekend in the South Downs. It would be great to get something in the paper about this. If you took part is this and or another event last weekend please let me have a paragraph from yourself on how you got on and what you thought of the course etc. Basically just a very short race report so I can collate them all together and get a press release into the paper for next week. Please could I have all submissions by Monday morning.

Well done everyone. I understand great things were achieved!

Please send to me at





Much Marathon Merriment

A courageous group  of Haslemere Border AC runners  headed up to London for the Virgin London Marathon.  This year was quite special as the event saw the one millionth finisher cross its famous Finish Line on The Mall since the first London Marathon in 1981.

All had completed the gruelling months of training that is required to take on such a challenge. The weather was cold and quite windy but better than what was forecast. The team were  determined and raring to go as they bid each other good luck with a hug before heading off to their individual starting pens.

In the men's race first in for the club was Luke Shearring in a superb, albeit disappointing for him, time of 2:54. Colin Butfield was next in 2:58 PB followed closely by Luck Brock in 2:59 PB. Other mens' results were Tom Millns 3:04 PB, Joe Perkins 3:03 (who ran Boston just two weeks before), Nick Bailey 3.42 PB and Marco de Caprio 4:29 PB.

In the ladies Sally Goble and Jackie Field were running in the British Athletics Club Championships. First in was Sally in 3:04 then Jackie in 3:16 PB. Next in for the club was  Donna Reid 3:23 PB, Issy Peters 3:34, Jules Dellar 4:03, Philomel Pike 4:11 PB, Sarah Bergqvist 4:15 PB, Caroline Snape 4:24 PB and Sarah Barnett 4:57.

The majority of the club's runners enjoyed the formidable race and celebrated together over lunch before wearingly heading home on the train. A few were disappointed with their finishing times and a  few unfortunately, for various reasons, didn't manage to finish but on the whole they felt proud to have represented and run for the club at such a legendary event.

Other club members who  took on and finished a marathon this year were Lawrie Baker at the Queen Elizabeth Spring Marathon in 3:57, Dominic Perkins (with his son Joe above) at Boston in 4:04 and Charlie Barwick and Sonja Dullaway at Brighton in 3:37 and 4:18 respectively.

The ballot for the next year's marathon is now open. Don't delay as there is no time to hesitate. Off you go and get signing up. You know it makes sense really! Good luck in securing that place!

Note from Sally Goble: Please check the above results and let me know if there are any discrepancies and/or whether I have left anyone out from the results.



Marathon Results

To all Club Marathoners,

Bob has asked me to collate the results for all club runners who have completed a marathon this year so I can get a report into the paper. Whether is was London or some far distant country/region please let me have your results. Would be a shame to leave anyone out. Either on here or email me at

Hopefully I can get something in the paper for next week. Deadline for getting your results to me therefore is this Sunday. Any group photos available would also be good.

Congratulations to all you fellow running nutters. My toes are still in a right old state. Thank you also to everyone in the club who has supported us along the way.