Sponge Fingers for All

Morning HBAC Cheerleaders and followers. We have for free to anyone who wants to borrow them about 16 giant sponge fingers. Cheer on your favourite runner tomorrow with these Kenny Everett style Jazz Hands. The stickers may well fly off in the wind but you'll have at least 40 mins of fun as you pretend to pick your nose and scratch your backside with them. And if you go shoplifting wearing them ... no fingerprints.

At street party with Georgia today but in all evening or can maybe stick in boot.

Cheers Mr Capp20160423_110720


After much patience and help from Richard we've now actually got the kit page up and running.

This will not be the final and complete page but at least you can now contact us and see what you can get and order it. By producing the kit ourselves we hope to put some money back into the club rather than outside sources. Also because they are produced individually you can have names and a certain amount of customisation  in the colours of the hood etc. BUT .. we do need to look like a club when we attend a race or meeting so please bear that in mind. Other items can be produced with club logos on for training but white club vests must be worn when representing the club.

I hope the price list is not too confusing. It is still blank in some areas whilst we fine tune and test drive new products. Please contact me  if you have any questions or interest in them. It has been a learning curve for me so I welcome any feedback at all.

InTraining Discount

Just a reminder that all entrants to the Gibbet Hill 10K can have a 10% discount at InTraining Weyhill. (Off all non sale goods up until the end of the month).

If you did not receive your voucher on the day please see the link below.

InTraining have been really good at supporting the race for the last few years so it would be nice to see them supported in some small way.

If they see a benefit to it they may make discount a permanent arrangement for HBAC members.

It's people like InTraining, Cycle Works and other generous sponsors who have made the t-shirts possible.

In Training voucher 2014

Mr C