Big Night Out! 15th May Haslemere and Godalming

If you’re up for celebrating completing a marathon, the cross country season or are simply pleased to be running in the light and warmth (?!) again, come and join us! The aim is to make a big night of it and really let our hair down - partners welcome too!
Meet at Inn on the Hill anytime you can get there for pre train drinks, then catch the train to Godalming at 20.15 (or 19.39)  and the train home to Haslemere at 00.01 or 00.34. Full list of pubs are on the social tab of the website.
Come along even if its just for a drink at Inn on the Hill, would be great to see everyone!


One thought on “Big Night Out! 15th May Haslemere and Godalming

  1. Is there a prize for making it to the Bel and Dragon… and a further prize being at the Punchbowl for 9am the following morning… I’ll obviously rule myself out for the Punchbowl prize ;o)

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