London Club Places

London Marathon Club places

Thank you to everyone who messaged in their ideas about how the club places should be awarded.

After meeting with the senior coaches and the chairman Bob, it was decided that we would have a ballot instead of the coaches deciding who should be awarded the places, this will be completely random selection with Bob picking the names out of the hat at the Christmas party.

The criteria to put in for one of the club places is listed below

1. you must have a rejection letter or email from VLM

2. you need to have been a paid up member since April the
year before so for this year April 2016

3. A club vest must be worn during the marathon, this doesn't
mean you can't still raise money for charity.

4. if you are lucky enough to win a place then you
can't enter the ballot again for 5 years. this will hopefully
give others a chance in the coming years.

For those that meet the criteria and would like to enter the ballot please can you hand your rejection letter or email to either myself, Sarah or Bob by Thursday November 16th.

If anyone has any questions please contact myself, Sarah or Bob.

The Coaching Team

Grand Prix

Well done to all of you who raced this weekend.  Please remember for your race to qualify for the GP you must be wearing the club vest (no exceptions).  If you got a PB (or best time since 2014)  you need to email the GP to get your additional points.



The HBAC Website …….

Is in need of some new ideas and development.

During the AGM it was agreed the website needs to be brought into the 21st century. Since then we have had a number of ideas and unfortunately due to various commitments progress has once again slowed down.

The committee recently gave approval for a web design tool that Cairon managed to create a simple demo with.

What the club needs is a small team of contributors to create a site from scratch using input from creative minds.

Once the site is up and running it would probably require a couple of hours each month to add updates on things like club events, timetables, socials etc.

If this would be of interest please contact Jon Fairs ( who will co-ordinate the effort.

Many thanks for reading. 


**Harvest Supper Friday Night**

Good Evening!

If you are coming on Friday night, I have booked the Club from 7pm  and we thought we would start the evening off with the quiz at around 7.30pm to allow people to get a drink and assemble their teams!

I understand there are several rounds to the quiz so we can stop for food half-way through, and  also do the GP presentation.

I know a few people have offered to help set up which would be lovely and may involve moving some tables and chairs if  you  could please come for 7pm.

Kitchen Utensils

We will have full access to the kitchen and there are several pots & pans that we can use, but we just need to remember to wash up afterwards! May I suggest that if you are bringing a dish that needs to go in the oven that you are responsible for it, I would hate for something that had been lovingly prepared to burn!

I will buy some plastic cutlery, paper plates, bowls and polysterene cups from Tesco  that can be thrown away at the end and saves washing up!!

The bar will be open for drinks so there is no need to bring your own!

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Friday for a fun-packed evening! (no doubt there are people already brushing up on their knowledge!)



London marathon club places

It's that time of year again when people are finding out if they have got into London marathon or not, please don't throw your rejection letter away or email if you would like a club place, as you will need this to have a chance of getting one of the club places which I believe there are two of.

In the past the places have been decided by the coaches and this hasn't always been agreed with by everyone.
So this is your chance to come up with another way of deciding the places, all ideas are welcome and will be considered even my one of blindfolding the person spinning them round and see who can get the red nose closest to the reindeer.
Please come up with some ideas and let me know.