Get Up And Run – 2016

The 12 week Get up and Run course started in January and took place on Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings. The course was well attended by our enthusiastic new runners, turning out in the rain, sleet, snow and windy conditions. There wasn't much that would keep them from their goal of completing a 5k parkrun. This was achieved over two weeks, due to some not being able to make it first time round. All the runners that completed the Alice Holt parkrun twice, achieved a PB on the next attempt.

Over the next few weeks we look forward to our new members integrating into our main sessions.

Many thanks to all the leads and volunteers. If you hadn't been there offering words of encouragement, sharing knowledge, and giving up your time, this would not have been such a success.

Amanda and the rest of the team.


6 thoughts on “Get Up And Run – 2016

    1. Hi Wayne,

      The next course will be starting next year.

      Are you a complete beginner yourself… or asking on someone else’s behalf ?

      If you can already run 5k .. you’d already be ok for hooking up with the group that have just completed the course.

      1. Dave,

        Many thanks for the reply, I was asking on behalf of my wife, who is interested in getting up and running again, but wants to run with a group, when does everyone meet up?



  1. Under the calendar for training, it states the Gentle folk (!) are doing:
    Gentle: 2×6 mins + 60 sec AR4 mins + 40 sec AR3 mins + 30 sec AR2 mins + 20 sec AR
    Can someone please explain what that all means!
    PS. If that is what I did last night, it hurts this morning!

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