GP 2015/16 Results

Well done to everyone who took part in this years GP!  There have been a lot of PB's achieved this year, which has been amazing for those individuals and the club as a whole.

The GP itself set a new record with the number of participants, 48 men and 55 women targeting the predefined races.

Donna has maintained the ladies GP title by a 4 point lead (259)  over Alex (255), and closely followed by Lisa (235).   Well done ladies!!!

Andy has achieved a massive GP record, which I think will be hard to beat in future years.  He won the men's GP by 133 points lead obtaining a massive 345 point over 17 races!!  Second place went to Tom (212) and third place went to Lawrence (199). Well done men!!!

40 people have qualify for the GP mug this year, having run 6 or more of the listed races!  Once the mugs are ready, we will post the prize giving night date on the web site.

But please check the results because if you helped out at the HBAC XC event you are due one event point.  I have already added these event points to the individuals I believe helped out, but I may have missed you by accident. 😉


8 thoughts on “GP 2015/16 Results

  1. Great performances. Amazing to have over 100 members competing in the one season. Well done all and thanks to Jules for all her work compiling this

  2. Congratulations to everyone who took part, particularly those who made the 6 race target and especially our winners!!

    I’ll drop a note out later in the summer asking for any requests on races to be included in next years event.

    Thanks to Jules for diligently keeping our league table updated.

    Well done everyone.


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