GP- Results – Marathon Update

Well done to all those who ran London Marathon today, and those who have done marathons over the last 6 months.  The GP results are now updated.  If I have omitted one of your results or made a mistake please can you contact me within the next 24hrs.  The GP is now finished for this year so big well done to Dan for winning the mens and Donna for the ladies!!!  Jules

9 thoughts on “GP- Results – Marathon Update

  1. Hi All

    So you have until Thursday for a final review of the Grand Prix league table…please notify of any missing results or if you ran a marathon that we haven’t recorded. After that we go to print…..

    Well done to everyone who has run a race in the GP, very well done to anyone with 5 or more and so an official ‘finisher’.

    Once the dust settles on this year, we’ll fine tune the details for next years GP, which will run over the same time period (Oct – Apr).

    Hope you enjoyed it.


  2. I’ve just noticed… that Juan Selles ran in the Shakespeare Marathon in Shakespeare country.. same day as London…. Sorry this shout out is a little late Juan….

    But First ever marathon…. 3hrs 12 !!! way to go sir… well run ….. and it looks a bit bumpy…

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