Grand Prix 2017 -18

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This year the GP 2017/2018 will be run slightly differently from previous years, so please read the guidelines carefully.

The point of the GP

  • Encourage race participation across a selected number of races including the XC events;
  • Encourage friendly competition and provide motivation for self-improvement;
  • Showcasing the amazing HBAC team spirit.  Club vests must be worn for racing with the exception of Park Runs.


  • An ‘HBAC winter Grand Prix’ which runs from 1st October 2017 to 30th April 2018
  • To complete the Grand Prix an individual needs to complete a minimum of 6 races from the list below, to qualify for the (prestigious!) Grand Prix mug;
  • Only your top 6 races results will count!
  • In each of the Grand Prix races the first HBAC male and female runner home scores 25 points, the second 24 points and so on….
  • If an individual runs a distance for the first time or gets a PB* in a particular race category e.g. 5k, 10k, 10m, HM, 20m (Marathon distance now removed from the GP), they will receive an additional 20 points bonus, the individual runner is responsible for emailing the Grand Prix co-ordinator( to inform them, within 1 week of the race, of this and claim their points. You can only receive 1 PB for a particular distance e.g. 5k per GP season. So if you improve your 5k time more than once during the GP season you will only receive one, 20 points bonus.
  • A Personal Best (PB) is your fastest time over the given distance in the last 3 calendar years, so from Jan 2014 onwards.
  • PB bonus points only apply on the recognised distance race e.g. 5k and not BDR, and are indicated below;
  • To score points in a race an individual needs to wear club colours (except for park runs and BDR), be on the official results and be entered as a first claim HBAC runner;
  • The Grand Prix winners are the man and lady who have the most points from their races at the end of 30th April 2018.
  • * = Race not valid for PB points
  • Race Distance  Date
    Punchbowl 10k 10k 1st Oct
    Pamber Forest * XC 8th Oct
    Charter House Trail 5k or 10k 15th Oct
    Fleet 10k 10k 22nd October
    Great South Run 10m 22nd October
    River Thames Half Marathon 1/2 marathon 29-Oct
    Alice Holt Park run 5k 4th Nov
    QE Country Park* XC 12th Nov
    Gosport Half 1/2 marathon 19th Nov
    Jigsaw Run 10k 26-Nov
    Hogs Back Road Race* c.7m 10th Dec
    Bourne Woods* XC 10th Dec
    Boxing Day Run* c.3m 26th Dec
    Lord Wandsworth* XC 31st Dec
    Alice Holt Park run 5k 6th Jan
    Stubbington 10k 14th Jan
    Manor Farm* XC 21st Jan
    Chichester 10k 4th Feb
    Bramley 10/20 miles 11th Feb
    Wokingham 1/2 marathon 18th Feb
    Polecat Valley* XC 25th Feb
    The Big Half 1/2 marathon 4th March
    Surrey 1/2 marathon 11th March ??
    Alice Holt Park run 5k 24th March