HBAC Sports Day – Sunday 12th July

HBAC Sports Day – Sunday 12th July

Due to popular demand we are running a club sports day on Sunday 12th July, from 2.30pm at   Woolmer Hill.

All welcome (even if you can’t be bothered to run on the day!)

Events and Races are designed to be fun and inclusive for people of all ages and abilities. This is a great opportunity to come along with your family, friends (inc non running ones if you want) and have a really fun and relaxed afternoon.

Free food and a drink!

The club have kindly agreed to provide some food and a drink for free. So we are running a BBQ (did we mention with free food and a beer/soft drink!) from 4pm onwards. You may want to bring your own drinks and picnic as a top up.......

This means you can simply come along, have a bite to eat and a cold drink and cheer your friends or family on without needing to take part (although it will of course be more fun if you do).

Will it cost me anything?

We will be charging each person £1 to be part of the afternoon, great value even if you are bringing the family.... This money will help pay for fun little prizes as well as topping up the food and drink fund. Just bring your cash with you on the day or feel free to hand it over beforehand.

 First Races 3pm

A selection of team based running relay events. Some of the races have a twist which means if you’ve ever wanted to beat Jon Fairs or Katy Ward in a race, this is your big chance! There will be chances for everyone to win at something.

On the day we will have a timetable of these events, meaning you can sit some out if you want to take it easy for a bit, or get in the zone ready for the event you really want to win....We also have loads of other events and games up our sleeves depending on numbers and the willingness of participants on the day.

Let us know if you are coming to this great event

Please reply to the email link letting us know if you are able to make it, and if so who will be coming with you. It would also be helpful if you were able say if you are not able to come this time.


Hope to see you all there!

Haslemere Border AC

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