Hey joggers.. Here’s a gauntlet firmly thrown. How about some proper athletics?

Well as the sun starts shining and everything starts to look like spring our thoughts should turn to real running (and throwing and jumping).

If anyone fancies partaking in some masters athletics then there's the opportunity to compete for Aldershot as second claim given that we don't field a team. There are 4 matches in the Hants and Surrey League and I'll be going to them all if anyone would like to get a lift.

They are all Monday Evenings and the first event is at about 7pm - I go in time to warm up. It's basically a short program with some of the traditional events each day.

25th April Portsmouth.
16th May Winchester.
20th June Basingstoke.
4th July. Aldershot.

They have all the jogger friendly events- 1500, 3000, 5000 plus the 800 and 400 if you're feeling a bit tasty and if you really want to try your luck then come and have a go at me at 100 and 200. There's relays and a medley relay.

Age grouping is 35-49 (so very wide) and 50+  for men's  and women's and they run an A and a B string and if somehow inundated you can run as a non score guest. I will be 47 this year and still kick the whipper snappers although getting through to 50 will be a relief!

The spread in abilities is wide and theres something for everyone so don't feel intimidated at all.

Theres field events too if that's your thing.. You'll need an AFD vest from Alton Sports (or share from someone - I can try and  sort that).

In addition there's a few open meets to go for plus the Surrey, Southern Counties and finally British championships in September. The worlds are in Australia if it all goes well!

there's also the possibility of a small touring group of masters going to photobomb/ guest compete in some other national championships as guests. Belgium is popular.

A browse on power of 10 will give you the standards you can expect to see or just ask me.

Get in touch with me at dan.  dpt@  gmail.  com or via the club if you want to rise out of the masses and shine like the true athlete that you are.

heres the schedule of events:




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  1. Recommend taking part in Masters Athletics Track and Field. I enjoyed all of it from the age of 45 to over 80’s. The lads are so freindly and you make a lot of good mates as well as keeping yourself fit, there are standards to acheive in all age groups which gives you a target to aim for. GO FOR IT !!!

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