Hills are good for the soul

Love them or loathe them?
......Well learn to love them and just get on with it. Hill work will improve your overall leg strength, improve your cadence, expand your stride and it develops your cardio vascular system. We should all aim to do a hill session every week.

As you start the up hill - Shorten your stride, "baby steps". Don't over stride. Try and keep your pace even all the way up, think tall posture, think strong!

As you crest the top of the hill - Keep going never stop. Use the next 20 paces to recover and get back into your pace.

Running down hill - Think tall posture, land lightly on your feet, soft knees, try not to over stride, rather keep your foot turn over quick. This is so much kinder on the knees and on a very long hilly run it will keep your quads from singing too..

Running hills is like speed work in effort. Remember those flipping drills we relentlessly do... High knees?? Next time you are heading up a good long steepish incline, without bounding too high use that technique. Hill work will force the muscles in your hips, legs, ankles and feet to contract in co-ordination whilst supporting your full body weight and with gravity working against you.

Your muscles need to contract more powerfully to get you up that hill, so regular hill work will train that power house and the result will be the ability to run with longer, faster running strides.
So its as easy as that.

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