January to April Tempo Runs

Starting in January when spring marathon and half marathon training begins, we will be introducing Tempo runs into Thursday's training nights, these runs are most beneficial for athletes who can run sub 9 , sub 8 and sub 7 minute miles, we will also continue with the 5k time trial once a month up to April.

These Tempo runs will start with a Tempo effort of 4 miles and over the weeks will increase up to either 8 miles or 10 depending on what sub group you fall into.

For any athlete to gain the full benefit of these Tempo runs, as the mileage increases it may require you to start these sessions earlier, i will post on facebook the required start times each week for each sub (9,8,7) group. for example if your running sub 9 and and doing 8 miles not including warm up then you will need to start 6:30pm sub 8 at 6:40 and sub 7 at 7pm.

All sessions will be from Grayshott car park and i have already worked out the routes, i will meet you at the car park at the desired times and appoint a lead for your group. For those who run above sub 9 don't worry because Amanda has some good sessions worked out on Thursdays as well, for those that maybe can't get there earlier on the earlier start nights you will have the option of either doing a shorter Tempo route or joining in with Amanda's session.

Hope all this makes sense and if you have any questions please ask Amanda or Daniel

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