Juniors 1Mile and 1K TT Results

This page shows the 2019 times for U11s (usually 1k) and O11s (usually 1 mile). Historical Results can be found by clicking on the link here

Name Mile/1K May-19 Jun-19 Jul-19 Sep-19 Oct-19
Amber 1K 6.11
Amy 1K 5.23
Augustus 1K 4.50
Ben W 1K 5.35
Camilla 1K
Charlie 1K 4.25
Daniel 1K 4.54
Ella 1K
Elodie 1K 4.00
Emily 1K
Isaac M 1K 4.45
Isaac W 1K
Isabel 1K 4.58
Isla 1K 5.53
James 1K
Jess 1K 5.13
Jonty 1K 4.42
Katie 1K
Lara 1K 5.17
Lily 1K 4.59
Marcus 1K 4.10
Maya 1K 4.38
Mikey 1K
Phoebe 1K
Rosalind 1K
Rose 1K 4.24
Thomas 1K
Will 1K 5.11
Zach 1K 4.49
Arun M Mile 6.42
Ben M Mile 6.40
Ben P Mile 6.29
Emily C Mile 8.12
Hannah Mile
Henry C Mile
Issy C Mile 7.19
Jack S Mile 6.27
James Mile 6.52
Josh L Mile 6.45
Josh S Mile 6.45
Kingsley Mile
Lara Mile 7.06
Max Mile 7.21
Millie B Mile 8.18
Molly Mile 6.57
Sophia Mile 7.04
Stanley Mile 6.57