London Club Places

London Marathon Club places

Thank you to everyone who messaged in their ideas about how the club places should be awarded.

After meeting with the senior coaches and the chairman Bob, it was decided that we would have a ballot instead of the coaches deciding who should be awarded the places, this will be completely random selection with Bob picking the names out of the hat at the Christmas party.

The criteria to put in for one of the club places is listed below

1. you must have a rejection letter or email from VLM

2. you need to have been a paid up member since April the
year before so for this year April 2016

3. A club vest must be worn during the marathon, this doesn't
mean you can't still raise money for charity.

4. if you are lucky enough to win a place then you
can't enter the ballot again for 5 years. this will hopefully
give others a chance in the coming years.

For those that meet the criteria and would like to enter the ballot please can you hand your rejection letter or email to either myself, Sarah or Bob by Thursday November 16th.

If anyone has any questions please contact myself, Sarah or Bob.

The Coaching Team

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