4 thoughts on “Lyon 2015 World Masters

  1. Hi Dave, mixed really. Last year I ran 12.7 at the start of the season, 12.5 at the peak and 12.7 at the close. Then injured myself in March in the indoor competitions.
    From that point it was a bit of a drag back. Started season at 13.4 then 13.2 13.0 and then 12.87 wind assisted at the Nationals a couple of weeks ago. 12.83 into a headwind in Lyon was the seasons best and is heading back to being fixed so is all in the right direction but without the injury I would have been looking to improve on the 12.5.
    I came out of the blocks in 5th place and worked back to 3rd beating France, Uraguay and Italy and losing to Peru and Bolivia (two non starters from Jamaica and another Brit) . However there were 13 heats in my age class and the winner of each plus 11 fastest losers went to the semifinals. Ended 50th out of 104 by time which is ok on a world stage but was hoping for better despite it being well over 40 degrees in the stadium.

    European indoors are next in Ancona in March 2016 so that’s the next target – got to beat 8 seconds in the 60 meters and sharpen up my start!


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