Message from Julia

Hello Everyone

Please see below a message from both Julia and Bob that I have been asked to share with you all:-

Message from Julia

For those real old timers I blame firstly Annick and then Wendy, Annick for suggesting I might like to run with this lovely little group of ladies (about 8) on a Tuesday evening and certainly not a man in sight and Wendy for getting me involved in coaching I was supposed to be her assistant!! Anyway 14 years later and almost as many coaching I'm done! It's been a blast, almost loved every minute. Most importantly I hand over the reins to the Amazing Amanda and Dan, they need no introduction you are all well aware of the exceptional coaches they are. I would personally like to thank them. Amanda has under taken the incredible task over the past 3 years of the 'get up and run course' and as a direct result of her very special and unique nurturing coaching skills has developed that side of the club that continues to grow. Dan will be co ordinating the rest of senior endurance training which is no small task these days and always a challenge, he has great coaching skills and understanding of training development. Coaching is a time consuming job but both Amanda and Dan have great attention to detail and believe me they notices all athletes on training nights! You are all in exceptional hands. So with that I hang up my whistle and stop watch. You will however see me at Hills on a Saturday that is one session I'm not quite ready to hand over. Yours Julia

Message from Bob

Julia seems to have been part of HBAC so long it’s hard to remember life at the club without her. That’s because Julia has been one of the dominant sources of change.

HBAC has built up a reputation for its serious approach to coaching. Anyone who has come from another club, or done a LIFR course, will hear of clubs (often much bigger than HBAC) who provide little in the way of coaching that we do. By offering three running sessions a week Julia has created the opportunity for most to get along sometime in any week.

Julia has striven to keep the club as one, even as we get bigger and bigger. We may not all run together but we meet/ warm up / warm down at the same time. Julia appears to know everyone by name and their capability and aspirations. She can advise on any goal or injury a runner may have.

Julia has also been able to recognise talent and bring them on either as a runner or importantly as a potential addition to the coaching team. Daniel and Amanda have truly blossomed under Julia’s guidance and I am sure as our new leading coaches will keep Julia’s legacy blossoming.

My enormous thanks on behalf of all at HBAC to Julia, and may I wish her a happy “semi-retirement“ from the club. To Amanda and Daniel, I am delighted you have picked up the reins. I know you will continue Julia’s work for many years to come.


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