As well as training we do enjoy hosting and participating in a number of races. We hope that many of these will soon be up and running again.

As a club we are proud to host three main races during the course of the year these are the Gibbet Hill 10K, Punchbowl Challenges and the Southern Cross Country League. In these events we encourage all our members to either run or help out.

We participate in the Southern Cross Country League each year and are the current champions of that league. Each race is free to enter and less than 5 miles long. It is a league which actively supports and encourages runners of any standard to participate.

As a club we also target a number of specific road races, some of these form part of our annual Grand Prix which runs from 1st October to 30th April each year. In recent years we have had success as a team in a number of local road races.


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