Grand Prix

Each year we run a club Grand Prix which is an event running from 1st October to 30th April. This year 2017/18 will be the fourth year.

The objectives of the Grand Prix are (i) to encourage race participation in a number of selected races (which include the XC races) (ii) create some friendly competition and motivation for self-improvement and (iii) show case our amazing club spirit.


  • To complete the Grand Prix an individual needs to complete a minimum of 6 races from the list below
  • Only your top 6 races results will count!
  • In each of the Grand Prix races the first HBAC male and female runner home scores 25 points, the second 24 points and so on….
  • If an individual runs for the first time or gets a PB* in any of a 5K, 5miles, 10K, 10miles, half marathon or 20miles (marathon distance now removed from the GP), they will receive an additional 20 points bonus, the individual runner is responsible for emailing the Grand Prix co-ordinator ( to inform them, within 1 week of the race, of this and claim their points. You can only receive 1 PB for a particular distance e.g. 5k per GP season. So if you improve your 5k time more than once during the GP season you will only receive one, 20 points bonus
  • A Personal Best (PB) is your fastest time over the given distance in the last 3 calendar years, so for 2017/18 from 1 January 2014 onwards
  • To score points in a race an individual needs to wear club colours (except for park runs and the Boxing Day Run), be on the official results under their own name and be entered as a first claim HBAC runner.
  • The Grand Prix winners are the man and lady who have the most points from their races at the end of 30th April 2018.
  • * below denotes ineligible for PB points
Race Distance  Date
Punchbowl 10k 10k 1st Oct
Pamber Forest * XC 8th Oct
Charter House Trail 5k or 10k 15th Oct
Fleet 10k 10k 22nd October
Great South Run 10m 22nd October
Thames Half Marathon 1/2 marathon 29-Oct
Alice Holt Park run 5k 4th Nov
QE Country Park* XC 12th Nov
Gosport Half 1/2 marathon 19th Nov
Jigsaw Run 10k 26-Nov
Hogs Back Road Race* c.7m 10th Dec
Bourne Woods* XC 10th Dec
Boxing Day Run* c.3m 26th Dec
Lord Wandsworth* XC 31st Dec
Alice Holt Park run 5k 6th Jan
Stubbington 10k 14th Jan
Manor Farm* XC 21st Jan
Chichester 10k 4th Feb
Bramley 10/20 miles 11th Feb
Wokingham 1/2 marathon 18th Feb
Polecat Valley* XC 25th Feb
The Big Half 1/2 marathon 4th March
Surrey 1/2 marathon 11th March
Alice Holt Park run 5k 31st March