Grand Prix

Now in its 7th year the Club Grand Prix is open to all members to take part in and this year, will run from the 1st September 2019 until the 1st June 2020.

The aim of the Grand Prix is to encourage all members to participate in a variety of selected races and events.  This year sees the addition of a few more longer distances, e.g. the Cranleigh 15/21 to encourage club runners to consider a fractionally longer distance.  The Grand Prix is a great way to enjoy friendly competition within the club and to improve self-motivation, not forgetting the chance to have fun at Club events and races (and beat your nearest rival).  It is a great way for everyone to represent the club and showcase the many benefits of our fantastic club.

This year again, sees additional bonus points being awarded for specific achievements and the opportunity to use a Wildcard at an event of your own choice.  Those completing at least 6 events will be awarded a unique Club GP mug and the winning Lady and Man will each receive a sought after GP T shirt to accompany their mug.  So start booking up the events of your choice and join in the race to become the champion of 2019 -2020.

Grand Prix events for 2019/2020 season

·       Alice Holt Races  (points applicable to ONE distance only) – 21st September

·       Punch Bowl Challenges (points applicable to ONE distance only)  – 29th September

·       Bournemouth Marathon Festival, ONE race only from the festival, can be any distance – 5th/6th October

·       Rushmoor Wellesley 10K– 13th October

·       Great South Run 10 miles  – 20th October

·       Pamber Forest XC * – 27th October

·       Queen Elizabeth XC * – 10th November

·       Staunton Country Park, Havant. Parkrun ** – 16th November (coinciding with C25K graduation)

·       Hogs Back Road Race  – 2nd December

·        Bourne Wood XC *  – 8th December

·       Alice Holt Parkrun  ** 7th December

·       Lord Wandsworth XC * – 29th December

·       Queen Elizabeth Parkrun  – 11th January**

·       Chawton House XC – 19th January

·       Farnborough Half or 5K fun run, ONE race only from the festival, can be any distance – 26th January

·       Alice Holt XC – 9th February

·       Worthing Running Festival (points applicable to ONE distance only) – 9th February

·       Hogmoor Parkrun – 7th March **

·       Fleet Half Marathon  – 15th March

·       Cranleigh 15 or 21 – 29th March

·       Alice Holt Parkrun  – 11th April **

·       Alton 10 – 3rd May

·       Bognor Prom – 17th May

·       QE Parkrun – 30th May**

·       Worthing 10K 7th June

General Rules

To complete the Grand Prix and individual needs to complete a minimum of 6 races from the list.

Only your top 6 races from the GP race list will count.

In each of the Grand Prix races the first Haslemere Border AC male and female runner home scores 25 points, the second 24 points and so on…….

If an individual runs an event or distance and obtains a PB at that distance and/or event (providing they have previously run that distance), they will receive a bonus of 20 points.  Athletes must have completed that distance prior to claiming a PB, a first time at running a distance will not qualify for a PB.

A Personal Best (PB) is your fastest time over the given distance, as recorded by Power of 10: or a suitable proof, to be agreed by the GP administrators.

To score points in a race an individual must wear club colours/vest (with the exception of the Parkruns), be on the official results under their own name and be entered as a Haslemere Border AC runner.  If people are not entered for a GP race under this criteria, points will not be awarded.

The PB’s are based on a course time and PB bonus points are awarded on this basis.

The Grand Prix winner are the man and lady who have the most points from their top six races, plus their additional bonus points on the 31st June 2020

It is up to the individual to notify the GP administrators of any PB’s, bonus points etc… notification WILL NOT be accepted via third parties.  You have 7 days from the date of the race to do this, otherwise your claim WILL NOT be accepted

Additional bonus points are awarded for specific achievements as detailed below:

Marshalling at the Punch Bowl Challenges – 10 points (note points will only be awarded if you are not competing in that event)

Bacchus (full or half marathon) – 10 bonus points

Post Christmas Party Parkrun – attend the HBAC Christmas Party and complete a Parkrun the following day – 10  bonus points

Christmas Day Parkrun ***(see below) – 10 points only (No PB’s)

Boxing Day Run – either drinking or non drinking- 10 bonus points

New Year’s Day Double Parkrun*** (see below) – 10 points only (No PB’s).  You MUST complete a Parkrun double to achieve the bonus points

Elstead Marathon – 26th June – 10 Bonus points

Competing in all 6 XC events – 10 points.

Parkrun tourism – Complete an HBAC Parkrun (i.e. the first letter of four Parkruns to spell HBAC, e.g. Heslington, Brueton, Aberbeeg and Cheltenham, 10 bonus points for completing all 4 – note athletes can complete multiple HBAC’s, but each HBAC must be different Parkrun courses – 10 bonus points per HBAC

Wild Card

The Wild Card can be used at any official event of your choice in addition to the official GP events listed above.  Notification must be given to the GP administrators up to 2 weeks prior to the event.  Points will be awarded for the Wild Card as follows:

Competing in the event – 10 bonus points

Achieving a PB on your chosen Wild Card course – 20 bonus points.  Please note, PB points will be awarded in line with the criterial above, i.e. an athlete must have completed the distance on a previous occasion to their Wild Card event and achieve a PB.

The Wild Card is an excellent way of potentially achieving an additional 30 points!


* denote event ineligible for PB points

** to qualify for a Parkrun PB, you must have run at this venue before, a Parkrun PB relates to the course

*** Please inform the GP administrators if you run the Xmas or NYD Parkrun, with the location of the event you attended.

The GP administrators can be contacted on  If you have any feedback, wish to notify GP admin of PB’s, Wild Cards, or have any queries with the results, please contact us via the mail address.

The GP administrator’s decisions and awarding of points are final.

Good luck to all participants

Debbie & Ann

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