Cross Country

Cross Country Season 2014-2015

Our men and ladies will be competing in just one league this season:
Southern : mixed field races on Sunday mornings.

The Southern League has a speed-limit of 5:30 mins/mile for men and 6:00 mins/mile for women. This means that if you've run a 10km in under 34:11 for men or 37:17 for women, for example, you are too fast and ineligible to enter.

There are eleven events in total, the fixture list is below - no need to commit to all of them, though we'll be very happy to see you at as many as you can make!

To earn points each race we need a team of at least five men and three ladies, the fastest five men and fastest three ladies score for HBAC. But, every runner counts because non-scorers from HBAC have a big effect on the results by getting ahead of scorers from other clubs. Plus, it's great fun, well organised and we'll all be there supporting each other.

Some of the fixtures are a bit of a hike to get to and parking is often tricky, so wherever possible we’ll try to travel together and car share. Before the race we’ll establish a patch of ground, put our flag down so everyone can find us before and after the race.

All runners must be members of the club and must race in a club vest. If you don’t have one please contact your captain and we’ll make arrangements.

Family, friends, groupies, cling-ons etc. are all welcome and a good cheering section is always appreciated by everyone. Most events have teas/coffees and cake and some have hot food too like a sausage in a roll or something similar.

Anyone who brings their own baked products along especially for the HBAC team will be very warmly welcomed and is likely win many friends! We’ll all have earnt it by the end.

If you’re not already receiving emails from your captain about these fixtures please email them directly (click the name to open an email):
Andy Sian

Date Day Where League
11-Oct Sun Pamber Forest Tadley Southern
08-Nov Sun QE Country Park Petersfield Southern
13-Dec Sun Bourne Woods Farnham Southern
28-Dec Mon Lord Wandsworth Col. Odiham Southern
24-Jan Sun Manor Farm C. Pk. Southampton Southern