Road Race update

Hi all

A few things for you to have a look at and think about below

Race list – a way of planning events and hopefully gaining some mutual club support

This list is principally aimed pre Grand Prix but will have a bit of crossover from Fleet Half marathon and Great South Run (25th October) onwards as per last year.

Suggested races listed below. Please come back to me ( ) in the next couple of weeks to add races to this list if you think they would be good for the wider club members to aim for (any type of event is fine to be added).

  • July 26th Elmbridge                                                          10km
  • August 2nd Harting trail race                                         10m
  • September 6th Alice Holt                                                 10km
  • September 13th Pilgrim Half                                          13.1m
  • September 27th Barnes Green Half                             13.1m
  • October 4th Punchbowl                                                    10km
  • October 25th Fleet (Grand Prix)                                   10km
  • October 25th Great South (Grand Prix)                     10m
  • November 1st Lordshill (Grand Prix)                         10m
  • November 15th Gosport Half (Grand Prix)             13.1m

On top of the above, the odd parkrun or 5km would be a welcome addition to anyone’s plans

  1. You, your events and goals – gaining some interest, support and recognition for your efforts (pre and post event)!

On top of the club race list, I would like to hear about the events you are doing, from charity fun runs to ultra marathons. I don’t often use Facebook so am unlikely to see or hear about your fantastic challenges and achievements there. My goal is to create a list of events that people are doing in order to help ensure we all get both encouragement and support leading up, and then congratulations (or commiserations) post event. This support, interest and acknowledgment could be 1:1 with the coaching team or me, or could be through recognition and support from the whole club at things like training – it is up to you

As part of this, I would love to know what your goal within the event you are doing is. Your goals could be simple or complicated, anything from

  • simply getting around and having fun
  • post injury testing
  • gaining a pb
  • raising money for charity
  • helping a friend complete their goal
  • to beating your pal from work (or the club!)
  • etc

All of these goals are equally valid, important and are valued by the club.

If you would rather not let me know what you are doing and planning, then that is of course fine. Many people like to keep their true goals private which is absolutely fine.

 3.   What else would you like?

Please let me know what other ideas or requests you have on top of this. Is there anything you would like me to do as part of the role of Road Captain?

  1. Summary – what have I asked you for!?


  • Any additions for the club race list – what events should we target as a club?
  • Your booked in events, plans and goals (if you want to share them)
  • Feedback on anything you would like from the role



Luke (old Luke)

2 thoughts on “Road Race update

  1. Nice set of races (not so young) Luke.

    If anyone is interested I will be driving to Yateley from Haslemere for the 10k there on Weds 5th August.. start time 7.30pm. There are still a few places available. So I’m happy to drive whoever there and back if you’d like to have a run.

    I’ve been doing this series of mid week races since 1995… yes… 20 years … omg.

    Reason I’m doing it… is I continue to dream of running times that I ran in 1997…… its ok to dream… ;o)

    Our Chairman and Head Junior Coach were also regular competitors back in the day….

    Race information using the following link.

  2. Hi, in the interests of sharing races… I’m running the Surrey Slog this Sunday (July 19th) – a hilly trail half marathon.
    It’s over Holmbury Hill, just north of Cranleigh.

    I know it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I believe they still have spaces if anyone’s interested? Online entries close end of tomorrow, but there’ll be entries on the day also (more expensive though).

    Take a look here for more info and entry details…

    I have spaces in my car (leaving Grayshott/Haslemere) if this helps anyone?

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