Spectating the London Marathon

Going up to watch the Marathon and cheer on the HBAC team? Meet at Haslemere station at 9.10 Sunday 26th to catch 9.17 train to Waterloo then jog to position just after 1/2 way marker on the Highway. Then cross road to position near 22 miles until we hope we've seen everyone. Jog back to Waterloo. If you don't fancy the jog part, join us on the Highway . Its a great day o

4 thoughts on “Spectating the London Marathon

  1. See you at the station Bob… I won’t be able to join you for the jog to and from Waterloo.

    The crossover point Bob highlighted is the subway at the Glamis Road Junction by the King Edward VII Memorial Park. I’ve added a couple of links… Be warned it looks very different on race day and can be quite difficult to spot the subway with the crowds.

    I’ll be getting the tube with Lorraine and walking from Tower Hill along Cable Street to Glamis Road to cross over to the half way point… we may see Bob and Co run past us. If you dont fancy the 30 min walk, then you can change at Tower Hill and get the DLR to Shadwell and walk to the Highway from there… be warned though it closes later during the day because of congestion. So you’ll probably have to walk back to Tower Hill.



  2. Sounds great, thanks Jon. Looking forward to see you all at the pub for a drink after the race (celebrating, commiserating, nursing, hobbling and so on)

    Thank you to all the supporters and spectators braving the weather on Sunday, shout loudly for all the HBAC runners, we need all the help we can get……


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