Sunday Pub Run-Duke Of Cambridge 10.20 for 10.30 Start

Dear Runner... Just a quick reminder about this Sundays pub run..


Duke of Cambridge, Tilford
TIME: 1020 with a start of 1030


5 mile, 10 mile, Anna’s half marathon 13 mile

Distances will vary depending on the ability of runners who turn up
All routes return back at Duke of Cambridge for Lunch (optional)
Walkers, dogs, child welcome to join the group for lunch.


Please can you contact Janice Worsfold, if you are definitely having lunch so she can reserve the tables


Outlook for Sunday

Early rain clearing on Sunday, then sunny intervals and scattered showers on Sunday. 17mph winds and temperature range 8-10 degrees. So will feel cold.


All shorter routes are have been based on the 13mile route, which if you came on the last pub run from the Duke will know how beautiful this route is, don’t panic if you did participate last time, to keep it interesting we are doing it in reverse and adding on the extra miles around the Frensham ponds. Just to remind you , we run through some of the finest countryside Surrey has to offer us and take in the views from the Devils Jumps, stunning heath land beside the water in Frensham, Hankley Common and when the mist is low, the eerie army ranges... (don’t be afraid to pack your pocket camera in a waterproof bag)

These runs are designed to be fun and enjoyable and will accommodate the slowest runners in that group, all routes have been set by the coaches and will be familiar with the route and lead coaches will either have a map or gps unit or both or just know the route and area really well.... we are here to look after you and help you achieve your goals, so if you don’t normally run off road or like to go outside your comfort zone, this is a good time to do it in the safety of a group.

The above .tcx file is for downloading to your garmin.(other devices are available).. save it in your pc running flder, upload it to your gamin user profile (courses) and then transfer to device.


· Please make me aware of any medical conditions that I should know about – existing or past

· Check the weather before leaving and wear suitable clothing – the wind will make it feel colder, so, a light weight windproof will be a piece of useful kit

· Remember to Hydrate before the start of the run and fuel up, as a guide I generally suggest a minimum of an hour before intense exercise, but this varies from person to person

· You will need to rehydrate on the run, please take sufficient water, isotonic drinks, sports gels etc

· Avoid using new shoes, clothing etc on longer runs...break them in or get used to the new item first

· Have warm and dry clothing to change into after the run, your core temperature will be higher after the run and you will cool down quickly and will chill if your clothing is still damp or wet!

If you have any questions about the route or concerns please contact the coaches:

Andy, Becca, Julia or Dave

Hope you enjoy the your run... see you all on Sunday



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