2019 Club Honours:

Southern XC League 2018/19 – Runners up

Jumps Cup  – second of two teams again!

Boxing Day Run Drinking Cup – Winners (Team: Luke Shearring/Luke Brocks/Dan Allaway/ Jon Fairs)


2019 Club Trophies:

Mens Marathon – Jon Fairs

Womens Marathon -Philomel Bennett

XC Champion – Philomel Bennett/Sarah Smith

2018/19 Grand Prix Winner – TBD

Coaches Award – Philomel Bennett

Chloe Piper Trophy – Katy Ward

BHG Handicap Trophy – Annalisa Alexander

To be eligible for a club record you must be a first claim member when you ran the race and chip times will be considered if they are quicker than gun times. All courses must be of a certified distance.

2019 award for Men and Women’s fastest times 




 Parkrun Dave Jarrett (16.55) Katie Simmonds (20.51)
 5km Tom Millns (18.57)
 10km Luke Shearring (33.46) Philomel Bennett (42.43)
 10m Dave Jarrett (61.03) Sandy Mcdougall (64.12)
 Half Marathon Jon Fairs (1.15.11) Katy Ward (1.22.59)
 20m Luke Shearring (2.02.48) Katy Ward (2.21.36)
 Marathon Jon Fairs (2.38.29) Katy Ward (3.02.05)


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